Italian multi-disciplinary design practice founded by a group of professionals, working in the fields of Architectural,  Engineering  and Urban Design.

Gherardini6 Architettura, during the past 20 years has executed  construction designs  for residential and commercial complexes, retail outlets, work spaces, offices, showrooms and hotels. The company, has a strong expertise in providing detailed project documentation. The firm is also active in the sector of corporate communication, handling projects of coordinated image, installations and graphics, and has participated to several design competitions.

The practice permanently employs about 22 architects  and engineers together with 3D visualization artists, model makers.

Different disciplines communicate and collaborate on each project of our office in order to keep it consistent on all levels.

Our staff has a wide experience of working in multi-disciplinary teams on building projects in Italy and abroad.

We usually provide full architectural design services and consultancy services during the construction phase.  Our work also includes interior design services, landscape design services and exhibition design services.